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Marbles and their bead counterparts

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There are at least 3 types of antique marbles that have their bead counterparts.

German agates from Idar-Oberstein; German (Laucha) glass swirls, including "Greiners", "clambroths", banded opaques, micas and "Lutz"; and Chinese "quadrant" and crumb decorated marbles.

Beads, as personal adornament, are usually perfectly made, whereas marbles, made for kids to beat up as toys, are often found with imperfections.  I've long speculated that apprentices made playing marbles, until they were skilled enough to make beads.  Here are some pics of beads from the internet.  I'll post some pics of marble look-alikes later.  Bead collectors know a lot more about their collectables than we do about marbles.

https://www.academia.edu/38347431/CHINESE_GLASS_BEADS_Export_and_Minority  (might have to sign into academia.edu in order to read - it's free and safe.image.thumb.png.6713ff17bb92a3ff8ae5e2118d53cc21.png


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1 hour ago, hdesousa said:




It's interesting to me that the bead upper right resembles a German made "Cloud" marble in that the "crumbs" are encased in clear glass unlike those on the surface of the other beads shown. And it seems that one would have required a higher level of skill to produce.

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I just found this necklace at a local shop, the beads are glass bullet-mold teardrops.

at $145, not sure if that a good deal, looks to be around 90 beads. Old silver clasp, cotton string.69EF2ED5-36A2-4AFD-9B17-EF7DBE5E4316.thumb.jpeg.0349771c6eff8722bbe7569909a3fde5.jpegBE536062-C801-44D9-99F7-F21255971A88.thumb.jpeg.ded1ef75c8ef968605054381210447f1.jpeg

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3 hours ago, I'llhavethat1 said:

Interesting.  I imagine most of the original "strings" are long gone from those necklaces.  The bullet mold necklace looks extra heavy (the racket it would make if the string broke)...

It is heavy, that’s for sure. Maybe not worn much due to the weight? Didn’t buy it, but will be back in the area Friday.

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