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A Vacor Atmosphere with lutz??—Oh yes it is!

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Here we go on the Vacor Atmospheres train again.
I believe with 75% that this one is a Vacor Atmosphere. It shows what I like to find in any Atmo—buried color below the nice clear matrix, a few wandering bubbles with some junk included and of course the hand gathered signs that will always show up, they are always quite round as if rounded on rollers—colder rollers of course. The Atmos that I have been involved with always have a very “well cooked” clear matrix.
I will never go beyond this 75% finding them alone because there are so many of this kind being made today and in the past as well.
This one is 25MM or one inch thereabouts. Atmos vary in size plus or minus because they were hand gathered. Finding any Lutz in an Atmo is a big bonus. They are rare, even in the bigger bonus sizes.
I am wondering if anyone has any “Lutz” Atmospheres to share with a good set of images.
I have two now—red/white/lutz and this killer that I am showing.
You will not talk me out of this one being an Atmosphere—I leave the 25% for my mind alone.
I appreciate all opinions and welcome them all.

One final.jpg

two final.jpg

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The Vacor Atmosphere is one type I find impossible to authenticate when outside the original packaging.  Most of them are so random how do you differentiate between genuine and the abundant knockoffs- or just simply someone 'experiment'?  

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