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Bluez And Greenz


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Sweet Greg!!!

Gotta love those popeyes:-)

The middle slag in the bottom row is outrageous!!! If you didn't love slags as much as I do, (or should I say... If I love slags as much as you do!!), I'd try to talk that one out from under your thumb:-) With some ridiculous trade offer, (overly balanced in your favor), but I know better to even ask....lol:-)

Hopefully, we will be talking about something else real soon:-)


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messed up? :-)...who me:-)

... confused yes!!!

messed up, well at least not since the mid seventies....lol

I like being confused .... did you read the guinea thread?? .... lol @ myself:-)

You may not be all that wrong Rick ... Vicki says I am perpetually confuded....

I have keep her fooled for 26 years:-)

the big amber one is 1 5/8" I will take a group shot of all me larger ones...

Sorry Greg ... I coulnd't help myself:-)

but see buddy .. yours would look great with these, or maybe mine would look great over with yours!!!!





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Guest browse4antiques

Here's a pic of my one and only blue/green transitional (backlit). It came to me as a much appreciated gift from a fellow board member. ... Roger


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Guest browse4antiques

Here are some ambers. The first pic are all slags (7/8 to 1", except last 2), next pic are all various transitionals (all 11/16 to 3/4, except first 2 are 7/8). ... Roger


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