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  1. I was watching this one too. I have a 1.25" similar to this. Probably just rounded to 1.3" on the size. Kinda pricey to me too.
  2. Found this big translucent Mellon Ball earlier this year for a dollar. Just shy of 1".
  3. Nice to see you're still around.
  4. Here's my handgathered yellow in this group. Always thought of it as CAC.
  5. A few. There is a pelty in the second pic.
  6. Here is a group of assorted 9's. Some lefties too.
  7. My name is Rory. Been around on these boards for years. I go by Coolspecs4u or Road Dog. I collect the Slag type marbles. I also have quite a few other collections including Bottles, Hot Wheels , Cookie Jars, and Arrowheads.
  8. I used to collect a lot of Akro. Thought I used to have a black and orange with this base. I'll eventually sell it as I only collect Slags.
  9. If you are a buyer it's at the bottom of your MyEbay page where your purchases are. If you are a seller you have to go to the "selling" category at the left column find the item you sold . Actions will be to the right.
  10. Here's the south pole of the marble
  11. It's a Cork. It wraps twice around. It is Auger in construction.
  12. Bought some boulders at the Flea and this was in the bunch. Never seen anything like it. It has an Ace type base with red and green cork. It is 1" in diameter.
  13. Thanks for the info.
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