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Unusual Peltier


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Terry !

My "TAKE" on these Pelts with these SEAMS

must have taken place AFTER Pelt started to

TRY to produce the NLRs that have the Swirl

Patterns vs. the OFF-SET Ribbon Configurations.

These Blue/White Rainbos don't show up later

as an establish Blue/White NLR.


My stuff......excluding the Blue/Red and Yellow Marble

would seem to have been the Experimentals. Why would

Pelt use there Higher Quality Glass and Aventurine

vs. the readly available glass they had been making

the Rainbos with.....until they were getting the results

they wanted

I would guess...that your Golden Rebel comes

after these Pelts. They eventually would have

had to TRY these Machines and Glass formulas to

see if these would work as well.

Wouldn't the Yellow Baseglass ...Red and Aventurine

show that YOURS does come from what I believe Pelt

was doing ???? Slowly merging into a HEAVIER load

of each COLOR / NLR GLASS and Aventurine ?

LOL.........I was HOPING to find some NLRS like yours.

Which now that I've done my own PELTOLOGY I'm

retracting my " NLR.................??? " from my

first response. I think as a young PELTHEAD that's

going to happen TO ME....TIME AND TIME again.

The " TIME LINE " on your's.....Sami

said it........" GORGEOUS PELT....thinks it's very old "

I take it.....it's one of your " KEEPERS "...........!!!! ????

Thanx Again Terry....you seem to have " THE MARBLES "

that keep me BUSY TRYING to GAIN and GATHER some

understanding about some of the marbles I have....!!!!


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That looks to be a comtemp Peltier knock off...........If I were you I would report the seller to the authorities and send it directly to ME for further inspection..........post haste..........it doesn't deserve a spot in your keeper box!!!!!!


What Sami said............


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Thanks everyone. I have had a lot of fun with this marble.

It's been to several shows, I've had comments about it

being Jabo,Christensen,ect.... Then I ask them to show

me one with aventurine. The stumped look is priceless!

Rick, I love to collect and post marbles that make you

think and go hmmm!?!?

Charles, I'll bring it to KC (if the weather isnt nasty)

Sami, Didn't you see it in Amanna a few years ago?

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Could that neat marble be a Pelt Ruby Bee?? It looks alot like mine. They all have aventurine, even in the Red. --mm--


Hello everyone, please dont beat me up here as I am new to the board and still learning its functions...I am a regular over at LOM and decided to venture out to other boards (the more the merrier). Iv'e been looking at this thread and its pretty interesting....so I decided to post this pic to see if I could 1, continue the discussion and 2, find out if I have a Golden Rebel here or just a Ruby Bee with aventurine....any response is welcomed.

-Chuck Jr.grebel.jpg

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To clarify this discussion whether its a Golden Rebel or Ruby Bee, a Golden Rebel is a three color marble with yellow base, 4 red ribbons and two black ribbons. Red Bee or Ruby Bee would be yellow base with Red ribbons (4 or 6). Aventurine is addition to both examples. Chuck's example looks to be a Red Bee.


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