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Just A " Piece " Of My Mind !!!!


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I've been try'n to figure out what to do

with those pieces ???? I ran these passed few local

Silver/Goldsmiths here in Tucson. Cheapest rate for

getting the GB set as a medallion in SILVER was $250.00....... <_<

It's still in the 25 plastic box cases....with the other half pieces.

They look great.....from the TOP !!!!

Yeah...........what is THAT GREEN AND RED ONE........... :D


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HOLY SHNIT!!! $250??? Really?? :blink:

Man, I gotta get back into working silver!!!

I bought 2 lots from Alan #1 & #2 of CHRISTENSEN AGATE MARBLE HALVES

I'm hoping to make buttons?? But, I've been thinking about earrings, bracelets, etc...

The setting is totally simple...

Hell, for $250 you could probably take a silver course that could get you that far!!

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Scoop !

I had these 2 pieces with me when I was

at one of the Art Fairs....asking about prices.


The $250.00 " DUDE " just laughed when I told

him if these 2 pieces were actually a MARBLE.

I could get about $300.00 for it. (Guess'n on a 3/4


He just laughed.....I just walked !!!


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That coral?/green looks like it has a handgather in the green. I am pretty sure I've seen Gary (BR549) post an identical color combo out of his collection. This type would be part of the unknowns, the possibly Canadian ones...


That was the original thread I believe, but the images are long gone. What does the other end of this marble look like? Or is it just a portion?


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Yeah, Rick. Being the talented artist that you are, I would think it would only take you a little practice with jewelry making to be on your way. I watch them do it all the time on DIY(Do it yourself network) and they make it look easy. I guarantee its a helluva lot easier than painting good realism, man. Like Scoop said, for $250 you could probably get everything ya need and then some, I would imagine. Cool pieces BTW.


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I paint Contemorary Abstract..........4x5 footers.

Silversmithing might my CRAMP my style. :blink:

Brad.........ALLL the pieces and cullet in the pics

are from Ottawa Illinois. The single SHOT is the

same marble with the pieces of cullet. The Light

Coral....has what I call the " Dull Cutter Pull ' in the

pattern. And " IN HAND" one can see it was machine made.

Some pretty WILD stuff........!!! I WISH alot of

those PIECES had survived and hadn't split.

I just feel lucky having this stuff......because it does

show some of the Color Combos that Pelt was trying

to use to produce different NLRs.

Seems like I find a little piece I've overlooked anytime

I open up the box with all the pieces in it.


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