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For The Fun Of It


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I had to do that previous post........ I thought it was funny, but seriously here is my go-along….from Holland….marble is slightly larger than 7/8ths and the dish measures 2 inches. The back of the dish says: Delft Blue Hand Painted (the “ed” part of the word “painted” didn’t quite fire in the kiln and is a little obscure), above that is a wreath which looks like olive branches encircling a small letter “e” with a three pointed crown on top. On the bottom are the numbers 855. It was pointed out to me that perhaps this was a boiling stone, to be put in a pot of water to help the water boil faster......in any case, its an interesting peice.....



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On 4/16/2007 at 10:55 PM, zaboo said:

ahh the Charles Challenge. ;)

knuckles down trophy ashtray


a couple pins with a 5/8" marble to show size..

teeny Pelt peewees!


peewee slags


childs ABC bowl (dresden)



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