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As always it's great to be able to go to a marble show. I have'nt been to a bad one yet. The best part is getting to see other collectors that you've become friends with over the years. This year was no exception, I even got to meet a few more board members. Here's some pictures of this years haul.

Thanks for looking



this is called being in the right place at the right time, these two boxes(akro royals) walked in off the street


been trying to buy this box for awhile, he finally gave in


traded for this box with a fellow board member, well half trade LOL, the marbles are 13/16"


nice rainbo, gift from a board member


traded for these two rainbos from a board member


traded for one of these and bought the other

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very nice haul indeed! those royals are so nice and as professor pelto(dustin) said the two pelts are killa, in fact heres a pixs like the one on the rt that looks oh so the same, or darn close,take a look and see what ya think , great job again!



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I made Amana Thursday night. There were plenty of great marbles to go around. I sold two horizontal navarres and then turned around and bought another horizontal.,go figure. The pleasant surprise was a 5/8" onion with floating mica that was also an end of cane with the core flowering out. I'll try to get a good pic of it and post it. It's always great to get to Amana and see friends from the west coast who don't make the eastern shows. Bill

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Me neither, almost didn't look at it, I'm partial to onions but lean toward the larger ones, kind of just gave it the cursury pick up/looksee and turned it over and WOW! have seen onion end of canes but never a floater. Was the easiest purchase of the show for me. Now the hunt is on for a bigger one:-) Bill

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