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Nifty Items Which May Not Roll Far:

If you would like to add anything to this thread, feel free.

If you know of a link I should have in this list, also please feel free to let me know about it, whether here or by PM. I am not quite done reading all the threads so I might not have seen it yet, but I might have overlooked it or somehow lost the link. Thank you.

Note: LOM in front of a link indicates that the linked page is hosted by LandOfMarbles.com. MM indicates a link at Marble Mental. WWW will direct you elsewhere on the world wide web.




MM: Neat recent find...slim pickins' down this way!

WWW: Gear Shift Knobs (still being made)

Auto ashtrays:

Akro Or Houze Glass, very strange never saw ths

Household furnishings, inc. dishes:

Old English Doorstop

Something Different

Claw And Ball, I finally got one

Fisher Vitro Lamp, Who was it that posted these pics??

Fisher Jewel Tray (also Sue's lamp)

Slag Glass Candlestick And Victorian Children Playing Marbles

Akro ? Houze ? Or Who Made It? (an electric fan)

See also: HouzeX Glass Products

Not Marbles But What Company Made These (Heisey)

Curtain holdbacks?

Jewelry & adornment:

Burn Pontil? (see Post #12)

Kewl Ring

Bad Auction Picture - Good Results (ring with interchangeable "jewels")

Czech glass beads

Marble-type earrings, made in Japan

For The Fun Of It

LOM: Marble necklace bakelite (Peerless Patches)

Cute Little Marble Bonnets! (if I recall correctly, there were little marble pouches where some scarves might have had pompoms)

Careful, Could Be Hard On The Eyes Plug! (Peltier necklace)

Do You Know Who Made This?

Marble Jewelry!!, 'Sorry this took so long, Joe!!

More Marble Jewelry



Pelt Baby Rattle (See photo in Post #4.)

WWW: Fabulous kaleidoscope gifts priced under $100.00 (Some of the kaleidoscopes use marbles to provide the color.)

Stoppers and applicators:

For The Fun Of It

Thought This Was Interesting

Codd Bottles ... Again :-)

I Guess It's What You Don't Say That Matters...., Anybody watching this item?? (info about stoppers, and other "unusual" collectibles)

Other ways marbles have been used:

Railroad Marbles

Dilemma (Kenberry Blade Sharpener box showing instructions)

Cool Charity Planter!

Early Railroad, Auto, Truck Marble Reflectors

Canicas? (marbles in a tequila bottle?)

Another Weird Bennington (cane tops)

Wooden Canes With Marbles

Other glass items:

Glass float, for a fishing net?

Darning Ball and Egg, Leighton?

Off Topic, Glass slipper full of lutz and millefiori

Large Marbles Hehehe, top this !!! (These would roll, but I can't think of a better place to list them yet!)

Interesting Glass Beads

Glass menagerie?

Finally !!! The Way Guineas Are Made

A Whale Of A Marble, the end of a german cane ya gotta look !!!!!!

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This might be a fun site to browse through. Apparently you can have jewelry and keychains made with your own marbles. And change the marbles in and out.

Got All Your Marbles?, Jewelry with Interchangeable Marbles



Another neat site:

Artistic Stemware

They make glasses with Vacor marbles:


I think there was some discussion of the artist using her own marbles. Might have some by now.






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