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Hand Gathered And Transitionals


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Guest browse4antiques

It looks to me to be a "line-pontil", which is likely a close relative of a "pin-pontil", because it looks just like it, but elongated a bit, and the glass in these two types seem to be the same. I'm quite sure they are German. The Japanese ones have a curved, messy cutoff, and they seldom have striping glass emerging at the cutoff. ... Roger

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Very unusual with an opalescent base! If all of these came from the same place then its possible its an Akro experimental. The more opaque dried blood colored one (one on the right in photo 2 and 3) is a pretty safe bet as being a dug akro "brick". Pretty killer marbles! I've never seen one with that base before.


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Thanks Brad. Yeah, they came from the same place and are more than likely dug from Akro. It is interesting the variety in them though(glass color, opacity, sizes, etc.). I, personally, believe that some are MFCs dumped at Akro. The story goes they came from an older gentlemans estate who collected for 20+ years in the Clarksburg area, so I have no idea when they were dug. I'll have to talk to Roger Hardy next time I'm down that way and see where and when they were finding these old ones. I think some of the dump sites are now under concrete. I've gotten a handful of opalescent ones from this collection.


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