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Most photos here from auctions. Sources provided where I know them.

What kind of "original packaging" is there for Jabo?

Here's one bag and its auction description:

This auction is for a 2001 Sistersville, West Virginia Marble Festival Commemorative Bag of Marbles. The sealed bag contains Jabo Classics that were packaged in Sistersville. The back/inside of the package is hand-numbered "# 993", along with the date "2001" and what appears to read "Ling Ling". If you don't have one, here's your chance at a limited-edition collectible!


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I believe there is another poly bag that jabo makes.

There have been a couple of others posted on the board.

A very early bag from Al in Post #40 here, Marbles From Oregon - Cac Flame?, still Vitro Agate, but now a "Division of Jabo".

A later bag from Trevor/Trexohio here, Original Jabo Bag.

I have also presumed this Presidential Marble Collector Set to be "original packaging". Is it?

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Jobber boxes from recent auctions:

(click to enlarge)



The first two boxes are from Block.

Here is his description:

BB Marbles: 2 Boxes Jabo 1999 Classics

OTHER MACHINE MADE, Original package. Lot of two items. Both are original boxes from "Lost Your Marbles" of 1999 runs of Jabo-Vitro Agate Classics. Each box contains eighty marbles. Nice groups. This outfit put together a limited number of these boxes in 1999 and 2000. 5" x 6-1/4". Mint.

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