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Clueless About Slags


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Transparent colored or clear glass with opaque white swirls or ribbons.

Although it is tough to positively ID every slag/onyx marble, here are a few things to look for. However, since we have learned different companies can share the same characteristics, none of this is "cut in stone".

Peltier: swirls of thinner white glass, also known as "feathering".

CAC: one or two seams and the colored glass seems to be a little brighter.

Akro: no real defining characteristics, but if it doesn't fit into any other category, then it is likely.

MFC: the "9", tail, and the cut line. But no red ones.


Hope this helps.


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Thank you Dan, those are very good pictures. So, it's got a LOT of white swirling on and inside just about any color glass, correct? With the exception of that feathery one...would that be kinda like wisps of white?

Hmmm...wonder if someone can show one of those 'transparent swirls'...be kewl to look at them on the same page for comparison.

I appreciate everyone's assistance in these posts. Y'all are just so kind :-)

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the basic difference when you have one in hand is the glass. slags are the earlier glass, so they are as a rule deeper and a more true color. here's a few I grabbed for pic... left side slags, right transparent swirls. also... the transparent swirls had a lot more color control in the glass... so you'll see like patternings, where as the slags are more of a random pattern with the white. does that make sense to you? hard to describe.. but yu can tell the difference when they're in front of you side by side. and if it helps, I have seen several 'seasoned' collectors make mistakes on what they say are 'slags'.


ps nice group Dan!

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Thank so much zaboo. My eyes see that the slag is more intense with the white swirl as well as deeper color. I see the transparent one as a confused white swirl and somehow seems less intense. That helps a great deal.

Thank you Dan and zaboo, this sure helps a lot!

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