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Oxblood Vs Red


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I'm thinking I may have a few but someone would have to take a look-see as I do not have the technology to display any, just to be sure. I did, however, find some that look very similar on another post/pics. http://marbleconnection.invisionzone.com/i...st&id=10276

The one in the bottom row, center, is similar to one as well as the one on Al Oregon's avatar. Even looks like a swan.

I think it's great to be able to learn, see, read and compare mine to what is out there in the marble world and actually get names and more.

Thank you for your time :-)

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Thank you Dan for the photos. I can see the 'liquid brick/fingernail polish' look that y'all are talking about. So, I think that I will go waaayyyyyy out on a limb and say that I do have at least one. If I am wrong..then I just fall out of the tree, brush myself off and start at square one again :-)

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I think it would be educational to see something along the lines of what Dani showed with the slags vs. transparent swirls.

A line-up of oxbloods and a line-up of reds, side by side. Might help bring the concept home.

I can't supply it. So it's just a thought. :-)

edit: I was able to do a comparison shot after all. Red on top. Left and right oxblood. Bottom probably oxblood (I think it is but it's hard to see in just a photo because the oxblood ribbon goes below the surface in a strange way).


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5 tips to check for Akro oxblood

1. Is the red transparent or translucent? If it is, its not Akro Oxblood.

2. Take a pen light and point it directly into the red...does it glow? If it does, its not Akro Oxblood.

3. Look very closely at the red...does it have small black filaments in it almost opaque looking? If it is, it may be Akro Oxblood.

4. Akro Oxblood is usually on the surface, although there are some rare examples where the Oxblood goes below the surface, or is sometimes completely inside a marble.

5. If you have never held a true Akro Oxblood in your hands and you think you have one, you probably don't! Once you have seen one, you will know what to compare it to. I would suggest getting to your nearest marble show and get a look at one in hand if possible. If not - maybe a trusted collector will sell or trade one with you for ID purposes.

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