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If links are no longer useful or if better come along, suggestions and reminders are welcome.

Vitro Agate Company (1932-1992)

See also Original Packaging

Some examples and discussions:

Vitro Names?

Vitro Agate , Marbles And A Little History

Vitro Time Line

Interesting Info On Vitro Agate Co. (about the Vitro Agate presence at the Oil & Gas Museum)

Note about Alley sample case in Vitro collection:

LOM: Vitro Book Questions

Fisher Jewel Trays:

Fisher Jewel Tray

1939 New York Worlds Fair, Fisher Jewel Tray

Id Help Please (the marbles fluoresce)

Various patches:


Vitro Tri-lites

Ebay Plug - Lot's Of Awesome Bags & Vitro Box, Rare stuff this week

Vitro Bag?

Mostly Pix - Vitro (Post #3, and maybe others)


Id Help, Questions, Just Because, & Shameless Plug, All in one thread!!!



What Ya Think This Find Is ????, CRAWL OUTA DA WOODWORK AND VOICE YOUR OPION (post #7)


Vitro Superior

Id's Please ??, Akro, CAC?? Peltier on the *Patch*? (See Post #6.)

Id ? Or Just Check This Out!




Vitro & Cac Questions

Yellow Jackets:

Need Clarification On A Couple Of Vitros (Yellow Jackets in Post #9 and Post #14)

Marble Mail

Victories and Conquerors:

Cool Vitro Bag, Anyone seen this before?

Who'd Like To Explain Vitro Names To A Newbie?, (need some help with ID)

Simple Question

Do You Know What This Is? ("Fancy Conqueror")

Phantom Conquerors:

Veteran Conquerors? (mentioned on Marblealan's old site, but doesn't appear to be a name which caught on)

Wedding Cake:

Anyone Have Wedding Cakes?


Could It Be An Opaque Vitro 8-finger ??? (original photos not here, anyone have copies?)

Vitro Eight Fingers Vs Vitro/anacortes Colored Based Cage Cats


Old Or New?, OX on blue base (post #10)

O.t! Pepsi's



Vitro Blackie Re-pops??, are they out there?

What Is The Name For These

Links: Advertising (colorful Vitro ad)

Vitro Blackies . . . and Anti-Blackies?


Tiger Eye:

Vitro Names?

Some Vitros That Came With The Popeye

Question??, Anyone know???


What Is A Vitro Bulls Eye?

Discussion Vitro Oxblood Up For Auction, Is this vitro I have up for auction. "oxblood".

More Vitros? (see post #9)


Vitro Sweet Peas, What size are most

Vitro Agate , Marbles And A Little History (post #46)

Black eyed peas

Cosmic Rainbows:

Big Daddy Vitro?

Trippy Vitros

A Couple Of Marble Questions

Cosmic Rainbows, Horse shoe cats

Parrots and Parakeets:

Parrots & Parakeets?

My First Vitro Parrot!

Took A Detour From Pelt

4 Vitro Parrots Going On Ebay Tonight

Some Favorites


Vitro ...goldfish... Kewl Shooter, hook um"


Pretty Purples


Show Pic's..... (Paula shows a confetti in Post #23)

Vitro Confettis

Cat's Eyes:

Vitro Caged Cats 7/8 & 5/8

Anacortes Horseshoe Cat's Eye

Vitro Opal Cats

Game Marbles/Chinese Checkers:

Game Marble Questions (neat display of color variation in "solids")

Vitro Timeline, Various Vitro Owners & Locations:

Vitro Time Line

Vitro Agate , Marbles And A Little History

Bright Vitro Shooters...what's Their Age?, Calling Al Oregon or Wvron !!! (Paris branded bag)

Vienna era:

LOM: vitro opals?

(especially see Tri-Lites)

Anacortes era:

Anacortes Horseshoe Cat's Eye

Anacortes Bag


Discussion Vitro Oxblood Up For Auction, Is this vitro I have up for auction. "oxblood".

Unusual examples:

Vitro Chamelian (Original post and "cloudies" in Post #10)

Ebay Plug - Some Nice Ones This Week! (are those blue-based ones in the "fingers" family?)

Vitro Agate Picture Gallery:

Mostly Pix - Vitro

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