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Marble King, Inc. (1949-present)

See also Original Packaging

Ephemera and extras:

Marble King truck

Various examples and discussions:

Let's See One Of Your Favorite Marble King!

Bunch O M.k.

Go Away And Dont Come Back !!!!!!!! (Paden City digging)

Id Help Please, Double ingot? (fluorescent bases)

I Wanna See Your Rainbows, Any size any maker

Marble King Patches

Bag O' Commons (look like all-reds)

Named examples:

Is This A Bumble Bee (Bumble bees and Supermen)

Mk (Ruby bee)

Marble King Experts! Are These Golden Boy's

Question About Marble King Blueboys?

"golden" Dragonfly? (Blueboy)

What Is A Mk Black Widow (Note: Black widows have 2 red patches)

Black Widow.. (Wasps, and in post #12 a black widow)

Betja Haint Seen One Of These... (Hermaphrodite)

Jon! Your Avatar!? Purpul N Green! (Green Hornet)

Today At The Digs (Green Hornet)

Mk Grasshopper?

Marble King Grasshopper

Mk Hercules (also Green Hornets in posts #4 and #5)

Weak Hercules?

Neat Marble! Not Sure What It Is??????? (Irish)

Name Game (Spideman, Green Hornet, Kato, Girl Scout, Cub Scout, Dragonfly, Watermelon, Hercules)

What other names are there?


Burnt Irish?

Gray bee


What colors of "black" do bumblebees come in?

Mk? Or Maybe, Just Maybe A...... ("Copperhead variant"?)

Hybrids and blends:

Mk Hybrids

More Mk Hybrids Going To Sistersville

Transparent Base Patch and Ribbons:

Marble King Experts! Are These Golden Boy's

"golden" Dragonfly?

The title of the thread referred to in the preceding: Marble King rarity Clear based rainbow, experimental rainbows? The thread is gone but I have some of the text saved so I might repost some of it later.

Translucent Examples:

Strange Marble King

Berry Pinks:

If You Never Been To A Marble Show, Here,s Why You Should (1st photo)

Bunch O M.k.

Marble King Berry Pinks

Lobster Tail?

Cat's Eyes, including St. Mary's:

Japanese Cat's Eye?, USA cat's eye?

St Mary's Cat's Eyes

Black Cats, St. Mary's, And Other Cool Ones I Like

MM: Question on Colors of St Marys Catseyes


Tiny Mk Marbles

Modern examples:

Mk? New-ish? (lavender base)

Genuine 'estate' Marbles!

Marble King Patches


Mk Internal Combustion

Cullet and other examples found at the digs: (there are likely other dug marbles in the examples above)

Test Pic

Marble King Picture Gallery:

Let's See One Of Your Favorite Marble King!

Bunch O M.k.

Space Of Stuff - Want Some Dig Site Marble Kings?

Mostly Pix - Marble King

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