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Original Packaging:

Note: LOM in front of a link indicates that the linked page is hosted by LandOfMarbles.com. [edit, 5/18/2010: the LOM links may not work any longer. A board upgrade may have affected links.] MM indicates a link at Marble Mental. KC is the Kansas City Marble Collectors Club. Akron is AkronMarbles.com. GA is Glass Addiction. WWW will direct you elsewhere on the world wide web.

Illustrations in old advertisements:

Some Onyx Marbles For Sale, "CHEAP!!" (See what you could buy in 1933.)

Ad Heaven

(Feb 2009 note: the preceding is one of many recent posts with ads and original packaging which I seriously need to get linked up -- some very cool examples.)

Various examples and discussions:

Original Names Of Marbles, LETS MAKE A LIST OF "FACTORY" NAMED

Misleading Naming Of Marbles, (didn't start with eBay)

Jobber boxes:

Colorful Jobber Boxes

MM: Jobber Boxes



Mosaic Marbles, Pressman (Alley Agate marbles)

Marble Bag... Brown Manufacturing Co. (Chinker-Chek, 1937)

LOM: Box of 40 chinese checkers marbles (several boxes with only 40)

An Akro Question (Akro brand Chinko-Checko-Marblo box sighting)

Akro Agate Chinese Checkers Box, Made by Master Glass?

Yard Sale Find (Pressman Hop-Ching)

Steelies: Handmade Or Machine-made? Hand "gathered"? (Solitaire set with steelies)

Solitaire set with transitionals

Solitaire set with handmades

General Grant Gameboard


Trip to Lauscha (See the "coffin box" in Post #7.)

German Marbles, Original Packaging (growing assortment)

LOM: How about this for original packaging? (Clearies and ceramics in crocheted bags)

Some of the photos in the preceding two links came from: www.murmelwelt.de and www.maerbelmuehle.de; there are many more examples of original packaging at those sites.


Mostly Pix: Albright

M. F. Christensen & Son:

Mostly Pix - M. F. Christensen & Son (American Cornelian box)

Christensen Agate:

CAC, "Worlds Best Bloodies"?, Need others input (Red Jennies, in Bloodies box, in Post #23)

Bloodie, Red Jenny Or Slag?

LOM: Christensen Agate Co. Pastels (This is an article archived at LandOfMarbles.Com.)

Cac Pastels (It turns out that the marbles are not officially called Pastels. That was a collector's description which caught on quickly as a name.)


Mosaic Marbles, Pressman

Bullseye Mesh Bag W/ Coral Marbles & Mk Mesh Bags (the bull's eye bags? ... not all corals are Champion and Ron said Pressman used Alleys)

Mostly Pix - Alley (marbles dug at the Pennsboro site, marbles from the St. Mary's site, including a Marble King bag)

Mostly Pix - Pressman

MM: ALLEY AGATE COMPANY - 3rd Article in the Series! (Allies box, made to hold just three marbles)

Copies of this salesman's sample case show up in many different posts:

(click link below thumbnail to enlarge)




Akro Timeline

Earliest Known Akro Box

All About Marbles, A Little Book for Boys (Akro publication, with beautiful pix of 1920's marbles)

Akro Heaven, Another must see! (Salesman Sample Case)

If You Can Handle A Little More Akro (Sample case with later era marbles)

Ever Seen One Of These? (slags, sample set)

Akro Ades, And Some Misconceptions.... (see Ringer box in post #9)

akro 00 box! (oxblood patches!)

Oxbloods And Ades In Yellow Popeye Boxes, Coincidence?

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You (No. 3 Cardinal Reds)

More Marble Mail!!! (Akro ad in Post #11, with illustrations of Cardinal Red Agates in the corkscrew style, "Fire Opal" Agates, and four Display Cartons: No. A-16, No. A-112, No. 64, No. 32.)

"slag" Vs. "onyx" (Striped Onyx box in Post #3)

Akro Sparkler - Sizzling Prices! ("Spiral Agates" box full of sparklers)

Akro Box, any repro's of this box? (Vintage Specials box, with a mixture of marbles)

Akro Salesman's Sample Box, any ideal of value

Akro #150 Box

Ebay Plug - Some Nice Ones This Week! (#150 box)

Akro #200 Box, won tonight!!

Help With Cornelians (Cardinal Red boxes in Post #2)

Ok Heres 2 For The Road !!, the road i cant find these on (Royals and Heroes in Post #8)

I Might As Well Show Off Over Here Too! (Choice of Champions box)

Akro Special Champions Box (Another link which will soon be defunct and the pix are already gone, but the discussion is interesting)

Have You Seen This Auction?, akro? not? (Stained glass gift boxes, and a question about whether a box not marked "Akro" would have been an Akro product.)

Akro Box ... "unmarked" (another stained glass box of Akros, a follow-up to the preceding link)

Are These Akro? (Tri-Color Agates, auction photos in Post #8)

Are All Arko Patches Opaque? (Tri-Color Agates)

No. 2 Akro Tri-colors Box Auction, Are all the marbles Akro?

Amana (Royals and corkscrews, plus some solids. Is this one of the recently debated boxes of game marbles?)

LOM: Those crazy Akros (Tri-Color Agates, many with Jabo-esque "buttcracks")

LOM: Akro Specials Box

Akron: What exactly is an Akro Agate Imperial (Imperial box filled with oxbloods, plus promotional letter for the original swirl-style Imperials)

LOM: How rare and valuable is this set? (These might be marbles Akro would have called Imperials, but apparently they're not what we call Imperials these days. Not Carnelian enough for us?)

Some Recent Stuff, Akro Imperial Box, Red Angels & more (Another box of corkscrews.)

Mostly Pix: Akro (a bunch of boxes and bags)

Mostly Pix - Ravenswood (see Paul Bunyan bag in post #3)

Akron: Small Akro Agate boxes? (boxes for single marbles)


Master Marble Bag, Is this a rare bag ? (1933 Chicago World's Fair bag)

Akro Agate Chinese Checkers Box, Made by Master Glass?

The Master Marble/glass Show And Info Thread (Shooting Star bag in Post #7)

Master Glass Vs. Master Marble (Many different bags, and one sweet box of cat's eyes)

More About Master Packaging (Many different boxes)

Mostly Pix: Master-made (a lot of different boxes and bags)

Is This The Real Deal? (Master Marble No. 5 boxes, some may be fake, some real but filled with non-Masters)

LOM: Who Made this Marble? (In Post #4 there is a cat's eyes bag with sunburst-like shooters in it. Usually it seems that there are clearies in the cat's eye bags, as noted in the following thread at Marble Mental.)

MM: Error Bags


Backfilling A Box (Boxes which say Marble King or Champion and likely / often contained Pelts. Including a Peltier No. 16 box.)

Peltier Jobber Box (looks Like One!) (appears to be a legitimate Picture Marbles box. It might not have been backfilled at the beginning. However, it was partially backfilled when it was listed for third time.)

Whatcha Think? (Honey Onyx box in Post #8, the pix from the auction in question in Post #11.)

Note: there is a slightly higher resolution version of Charles' honey onyx box at Peltiermarbles.com.

Bullseye Mesh Bag W/ Coral Marbles & Mk Mesh Bags (Peltier marbles in Big Boy and Marble King bags.)

Ebay Plug - Lot's Of Awesome Bags & Vitro Box, Rare stuff this week (another look at some of the bags from the preceding link)

My New Marble Box (Stained glass box, backfilled with rainbos. Is the marble bag original?)

We Are The Champions? (Champion Jr. bag filled with banana cat's eyes in Post #10)

Some More Rainbos, No. 6 Pelt NLR Stock Box (The box says "Rainbo"!)

Pelt Pieces (National Rainbo Line box, and #106 Rainbo carton)

Grandparent's Collection, Need Help With Id & Values! (Peerless box)

Later Peerless Patches (Morton's Salt promo bag with rainbos and patches)

Peltier Juicy Fruit

Mostly Pix: Peltier (Comics, Bloodies, Lucky Boy Champion Marble Set, Big Value boxes, Honey Onyx box, ...)

Moss Agate Or Cloudy Type Marbles, Akro, Master, Peltier, Alley, who else? (Acme Realer box in post #3)

Mostly Pix - Gropper (Cerise Agates box in Post #12)

Pelt Rainbo Names (Specials box. Plus Acme Realers box with rainbos in it. Is that likely backfilled, or did Peltier consider those realers also?)

Berry Pink Double Compartment Mesh Bag, Amazing contents too.

Berry Pink Marbles Help Needed (Champion Marbles Boxes)


Vienna Vitros !!! (an ad with lifelike pix of boxes and mesh bags)

Cool Vitro Bag, Anyone seen this before? (Conquerors bag in Post #1 and Victory Agates bag in Post #4)

Vitro Bag? (Worcester Salt mesh bag with tri-lites)

Vitro Blackie Re-pops??, are they out there? (See Post #3)

Anacortes Horseshoe Cat's Eye (a bag in Post #6 and an entirely different sort of original packaging in Post #11)

Ebay Plug - Lot's Of Awesome Bags & Vitro Box, Rare stuff this week (a rare #15 box, originally found empty; see Post #4 for more discussion about what may originally have been found in the box)

Need Clarification On A Couple Of Vitros (Yellow Jackets in Post #9 and Post #14)

Original Names Of Marbles, LETS MAKE A LIST OF "FACTORY" NAMED (In addition to information about company names, see Spinners bags in Post #8 and Red Horse bag in Post #9)

Bright Vitro Shooters...what's Their Age?, Calling Al Oregon or Wvron !!! (Similar to "fancy" all-reds in Post #5; Paris-branded bag in Post #6)

Thoughts On These Vitro (2 bags, including a long 100 count bag)

Bag of Vitro "lilacs"

Japanese Cat's Eye?, USA cat's eye? (Blackbeard's Treasure Chest in Post #18, extremely rare)

Starkey-Klicker (Vitro reference, no pictures)

Marbles From Oregon - Cac Flame?, Interested in your opinions about marble & seller (See two bags in Post #40. Both are from the approximate time of Jabo's acquisition of Vitro. One is an Anacortes bag from before the change and one says "Vitro Agate (A Division of Jabo, Inc.)".)

LOM: Vitro names (original company names pointed out, and in Post #3 a Vit-Rok deco-mates bag)

Vitro Tri-lites (names of headers you might see on a Vitro bag, and in Post #5 a box of Tri-Lites)

Mostly Pix: Vitro (mesh bags, including Victory Agates and Conquerors)

Akro? (Tiger Eyes and Shooters)


Mostly Pix - Ravenswood (the catalog, a mesh Buddy bag, a Paul Bunyan bag, chinese checkers box, and more)

What Can You All Tell Me About This? (Genuine Old Fashion Marbles)

MM: FINALLY -- A RAVENSWOOD ARTICLE!!! (An article written by David Chamberlain, with a photo of a 1953 Buddy bag)


Mostly Pix - Heaton


Mostly Pix - Alox Agates


LOM: Some Jacksons!

Champion Agate Company:

Mostly Pix: Champion Agates (mesh bag, poly, dug, bicentennial)

Marble King:

Has there ever been a Marble King tin?

All American Marble Set

Bullseye Mesh Bag W/ Coral Marbles & Mk Mesh Bags (Peltiers and WV swirls in Marble King packaging.)

Mostly Pix - Marble King

Id Help Please, Double ingot? (Big Boy bag)

Calling On The Marble Minds!! (tin of modern MKs, including frosted ones)

Bag O' Commons (look like all-reds)

C. E. Bogard & Sons:

MM: ARTICLE: THOSE LOWLY BOGARD CAT'S EYES! (A study of marbles from 10 50-count bags.)


Any Collectors Of Kokomo Marbles?, And you thought only pelts were pearlized!

Kokomos Versus Peltier Rainbos

See also: the Kokomo section at the WVMCC website


Marbles From Oregon - Cac Flame?, Interested in your opinions about marble & seller (See two bags in Post #40. Both are from the approximate time of Jabo's acquisition of Vitro. One before the change and one after.)

Jabo V's Marbles bag

Mostly Pix: Jabo


One More For The Books, I Guess


8 Vane Cat's-eyes

Vacor de Mexico:

Alamo boxes

Show Your Atmospheres

LOM: Sparkleresque or Foreign? (Vacor Sunsets in Post #16, circa 1992-1993)


Bullseye Mesh Bag W/ Coral Marbles & Mk Mesh Bags

Mosaic Marbles, Pressman (Alley Agate marbles)

Original Names Of Marbles, LETS MAKE A LIST OF "FACTORY" NAMED (Big Shot and Bulls Eye references in Post #6)

Mostly Pix - Pressman

Yard Sale Find (Hop-Ching)


8 Vane Cat's-eyes

Imperial Age?, 3 questions (See "Wal-Mart" type packaging in Post #11)

House of Marbles:

House Of Marbles


Id Please... ("variegated marbles" bag in Post #3)

Neat Little Box (a Ruskets premium box)



Made In England? (several packages, one "British Made", some "Empire Made", some "Foreign")

Mostly Pix - Codeg


Made In England? (Post #4 and #6)


Mostly Pix: Shamrock Marbles!

Shamrock Rocks (See Post #30)

Zia Marble Co.:

Mostly Pix - Zia


German Marbles, Original Packaging

Trip to Lauscha (Hopf wirepulls in Post #23.)

LOM: Foreign? (A box of slags in Post #6)


Joska brand?

Czech Bullet Mold Guineas (There's a pic of a portion of a box in Post #14. I don't know if it is original. Mainly I'm putting this link here until I create a new European marbles page. :-)

MM: A COUPLE FOR I.D,COME ON,TAKE A GUESS!! (not the original package, but the original label, with the marbles in the 2nd post)


Tiny See-through Marbles...chinese? (Japanese Pinchers in Post #5)

Japan Marbles

Japanese Marbles, Original Packaging

Mushroom Marbles? Amazing Box! (Reg'lar Fellers Puzzle Box)

See also: Japanese Pinch Pontil Transitionals

Also see the Wales section above.


A Little Help On This Please... (Cats Eyes)

South American:

Marbles From South America

Some questions

Bullseye Mesh Bag W/ Coral Marbles & Mk Mesh Bags (Whose marbles are in the Bull's Eye bag?)

Have You Seen This Auction?, akro? not? (The overriding question is whether Akro Agate boxes were always marked as such.)

Akro Box ... "unmarked" (a follow-up to the preceding link)

Fantasy Packaging: Limited Edition Modern Packaging

The fantasy packaging in this section is artistic and collectible, some of it done in a commemorative spirit.

Boxes by Craig Snider:

Ebay Plug - Lot's Of Awesome Bags, 35 auction items this week - check it out

If You Never Been To A Marble Show, Here,s Why You Should

Ebay Plug - Some Nice Ones This Week!

Peltier Second Run Boxes:

Pelts, 1st & 2nd runs

CA cullet (The preceding thread links to Post #106 here.)

Peltier Comics Reproductions:

Mostly Pix - Peltier

Pelt Comics Boxes

Fantasy Packaging: Fakes!

The following section is reserved for packaging which appears to have been designed to deceive. Or at least, packaging which has been known to fool new collectors, whatever its design. Of course, some of these fakes may also be collectible to some degree. They might be attractive to you. Or the marbles inside could actually have some value.

Is This The Real Deal? (Master Marble No. 5 boxes, some may be fake, some real but filled with non-Masters)

MM: Is there a story to these? ("Akro Agate" bags with what appear to be Anacortes Vitros) [Link is defunct - but I'm leaving this as a reminder of a certain type of fantasy packaging which has been asked about in more than one thread]

There has been a recent thread about Charles Stutsman who had a lot of old Champion packaging and a lot of champion marbles and backfilled, kinda mixed and matched, maybe put in some non-Champs. I need to link to that thread. He was a legitimate marble dealer, but his backfilling has been a source of confusion.

And there was someone in Florida (I think) who put a lot of new marbles in bags with vintage looking headers. Those are asked about often. They're kinda cute and might be worth a few bux each in their own right, but they're not vintage.

Also Alox packaging has been created in fantasy form, and some authentic surplus Alox packaging has been backfilled with non-Alox marbles. HOWEVER, there is real Alox packaging which LOOKS backfilled and isn't. Alox sometimes bought marbles from other makers and used them to fill Alox packaging. Need links to threads about that.

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