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A Bessett/leslie Collaboration


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Alan, I was hoping someone else would say something about this one.

How's it done?

I don't even know what to ask.

I only know it is fascinating.

They do a clear gather and create the first sphere - about 2". It is then annealed and cooled to room temperature. They then use glass paints to make the inner sphere artwork - placing art in specific places. I *think* they then fire the glass paint to the first sphere. Once fired they then put it in a kiln and slowly bring it back up to temperature, punty it up and do a clear gather over the first sphere - enough to give the 1st and 2nd layers depth.

It then gets knocked off the punty again, back into annealing and brought back down to room temperature slowly. The second layer of art is applied with "windows" in the apropriate places to see the art in the first gather. They fire the second layer of paint as before, ramp it back up in the kiln, punty it and then do a final clear gather over the 2nd layer of art.

As you can see - there is a lot of work in them.

They did a collaboration with Josh Simpson with head figures with open mouths with Simpson planets inside. Clear stars on the top of the head lit he planet. Pretty cool.

From their website:


They are far more interesting in the hand than in photos.

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Those are cool!! I'd love to see the face / planet colab!!

At the auction for the Northeast show there were 2 Bessett / Simpson colabs... a seascape and a landscape.... They were interesting, but kinda boring.... A face with the planet in the mouth is much more what I'd expect......

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