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Some That I Don't Need Any Help With


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I have been posting so many marbles that I need help with I thought I would post a couple that I don't need any help with. Just for show and enjoyment. The first is a nice hand made loaded with aventurine. The two in the photo together are a couple of colored glass swirls. Thanks everyone with all your help with the others.



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NO DOUBT.......................WOW ISSSSSSSS$$$$$$$$$$$$ RIGHT !

I think you have some HTF Hand-Mades there (IMHO)

Ya might wanna change the TOPIC of this thread to:


RAR........... B)

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Your right Steph.... I have an aqua and a darker blue that are very similar to the green Latt.... But, I've never seen anything quite like the red... It's almost like a corn husk looking thing, but with 4 bands...

Very cool!!

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