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Are These Clays Real??


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Hi. I wonder if you guys can help me with these clays? I bought a load of vintage german swirls from a guy here in England and these clays turned up in the lot. Personally I'm not into clays much, swirls are more my thing!

I don't think he was a collector - he didn't tell me they'd turned up at a site in Atlanta so that's a start!!

I will probably want to sell them too, since they don't really feature in my collection so if anyone has an idea of 'guesstimate' value, that would be really great. I know all the stuff that's been happening with clays, so if they aren't worth much, so be it. The swirls were lovely! :rolleyes:

Here are the photos - I hope they're OK?





The Helix on the left is between 1" to 1 & 1/8th", the coil with leaves is 1", the Pinwheel is 3/4" and the Jasper on the right is just over 5/8"

Thanks in advance, and I just wanted to say again how great this site is, especially coming from the UK where collectors are in short supply!

All the best


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing the pics...they are cute. I don't know anything about them though.

I hope you will be able to find more collectors there. Maybe get you a club started even. Doubtful you are the only one in England to collect, so they are out there, just a matter of finding them.

Bet you have a lotta nifty ones. My friend in Weston-super-Mare says there's some shops/flea markets that sell marbles and you probably can find plenty of great marbles that we don't get here on a regular basis.


:-) Felicia

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The pinwheel indeed is very nice. You don't see that often "normal" pinwheels with two colors, only the fancy types have two or sometimes even three colors. Also the number of the colored leaves/blades is special, three and two. Three and three or four and four etc. is more common. I sure would like this one in my collection.


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Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I can count them as a bit of a bonus...

I've posted pics of the swirls in a separate thread, just to show them off a bit! Nothing too special in there but I still spend too much time staring at them!


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