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Show Us Your Unique Marble Displays


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I love to make displays of marbles, here is a window that I filled, and a door that can be seen from both sides, when the light is on in one room it looks like glowing stained glass in the other. would love to see other displays, I will post some tramp art in this post also.


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Here is as lamp that I just recently added to my collection, turned out to be a really neat piece, third marble from top in middle is a blue oxblood, this was made quite a while ago, not sure when but when I got it the marbles were covered in the varnish, when I cleaned them I was wowed. Here is another cane with a bowl full of newer marbles, "Where do you put those?" Well it makes me think of a bowl of popcorn, just walk by and grab a handfull just to play with.


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Allyrat, the door and the window are astounding.

I also love different ways to display marbles. I was hoping to see more.

I didn't say anything at first because I know there are lots of neat displays out there which could be shown ... but none of them are mine!

plus I was trying hard to avoid posting the silly thing I'd found the day before you posted. Biting my typing finger. But I can hold out no longer!

Check it out. These turtles are being sold at toypost.co.uk specially for holding marbles. *chuckle*


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Here is a marble lamp Judy and I made together.I did the sheetmetal work and she did the plasma cutting.The marbles are cats-eyes and the one green shooter.This would probably be a mood light more than a marble display.I'm planning to make more based on this design,hope you like.Have a great day,Bo :Happy_457:



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