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Mushroom Marbles? Amazing Box!


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Guest browse4antiques

It would have to be done in conjuction with the USA holders of the "Reg'lar Fellers" copyright. I found 2 others - one has a dead link, and the other is below - though I don't know what marbles the others held.

another box

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Guest browse4antiques

They do appear to be mushrooms, but I would not take it to mean that the marbles were made in Japan. However, the 1931 reference is very interesting. ... Roger

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I'm still not sure why the 1931 date was given.

I asked the seller but didn't hear back. Someone else with one of those sets told me theirs didn't have a date on it.

so ... don't know ...

"pre-war" seems safe though, don't you think?

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The June 1938 Playthings Magazine has a feature piece on Gene Byrnes, the Reg'lar Fellers cartoonist.

He is launching a series of tie-ins and spin-offs of his newspaper comic. "Many interesting tie-ups in the toy field are now in preparation and, according to Mr. Lindner, will be shortly announced," they said.

Mr. Linder had been the director of promotion for the 1939 World's Fair.

1939 would be a perfect date for the box. With the advertising already in full swing in 1938, the intent had to be to have the toys ready for the fair.

Postwar is pretty much out of the question. I doubt the Reg'lar Fellers toy promotion survived the war. It would be well over 10 years from 1938 to the time when Japan would get back to importing toys under the label "made in Japan".

I think that gives us grounds for a date estimate on the mushroom mibs -- late 30's, give or take.

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