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Berry Pink Double Compartment Mesh Bag


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Here is an example of the bag Berry Pink patented while he was jobbering Peltiers for Rosenthal. The goals of the double compartment design were rigidity and visibility, at relatively little expense. Earlier mesh bags were floppy, which meant that marbles would slosh around and end up in a bunch at the bottom. Boxes were expensive and you couldn't easily see the marbles inside. This was his solution.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (click to enlarge patent)

Pelt_ChampionGlassMarbles.jpg . . . . . . . Patent_DoubleCompartmentBag-1.jpg

The contents are incredible. The label is incredible. It's altogether amazing.

Alan's description:

This lot, A MARBLE CONSIGNMENT, consists of a Peltier Glass Co. "Net Mesh Bag" (ca. 1930s) which has an approximate height of 6-1/4". The header, which reads "Champion Glass Marbles" on both sides, has some minor wear, while the red cloth mesh is excellently preserved. There is a tag labeled "Shapleigh's Diamond Edge" tied to it, suggesting that the bag was a giveaway with the purchase of razors. It is stitched down the middle to divide the bag into two halves, which is quite odd; what's even odder is that rather than containing later 1940s marbles (i.e. "Rainbos") it has 30 earlier examples (15 per side), including "Peerless Patches," "Multicolors," and "Slags," as well as a few early "Rainbos" and solid-colored game marbles and a shooter-sized "Clearie." I personally have not seen this item before.




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