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Non Vitro " All Reds "


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I know simple patches like this aren't worth much ... and that makes them all the more annoying. Coz they're too trivial to argue about but I don't want to i.d. them wrong for someone else.

Anyway, this thread is for mibs which might be taken for Vitro All Reds if you didn't know better. This isn't a response to the akro versus vitro discussion in the i.d. forum. I've been flagging "data" for this topic for while now.

You can see how some Akros might be taken for All-Reds. Bob, wouldn't you think some of these were Pepsi mibs?



(from post #7 here)


And then there are some MKs which seem to be trying to confuse. Auction pix. Sorry, they're hard to see. If you have better and wouldn't mind sharing ...



Here's one of Al's all-red bags. After seeing the some of the patch shapes on the MKs, I might have tried to get too clever and guessed MK for some of these.



I bet there are modern ones which look like all-reds too.

Anyone else have tricky examples? or hints?

Like ... does chunky aventurine likely mean MK or can Vitros have chunky aventurine also?

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I have such a hard time with most patches. The MK's with the wider equitorial band always get me, some will call them Vitro, some will call them MK, and in my opinion, unless you know the source, who knows. I think some of these types can be very similar. Look how many "Pepsi" marbles are in that MK bag in your photo. What's the story behind these? Didn't Berry Pink conduct test marketing that showed that kids favored red in their marbles or something like that? I think he would give them a handful and have them choose the ones they wanted and then note which they took, with the red ones being most popular. I think Ron related the story recently how the All Reds were named such because when rolled, they look entirely red. I find it so interesting that these companies were in such stiff competition with each other. I figure that's why a lot of their marbles look alike. Just my two cents.


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Yes I would. I'd think they were really great Pepsi mibs. But I've always been good at the old emphasize first syllable 'assuming' game!

I recently ordered a set of four different-colored marbles specifically because I remembered you teaching me that the Pepsi was only one of a group, and that some of the other colors were nice too. I'll appreciate hearing what you think when I get them; they're one of my 'estate sale' bargain-basement gambles! Bob ( :

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