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Buttcracks Please


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When I posted this shot of my one and only cullet, I mentioned that one of its great

attributes was that the buttcrack made for a terrific marble stand. Since no one took

me up on that one, if you'll forgive a 'repost' I'll do it again in case any of the

buttcrack fans missed it the first time. ( :

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Normally I'd expect Felicia to go "Oooh!" over a marble like this.

But she's definitely a 'lady' and I can understand how she might hesitate to send a message along the lines of "What a Beautiful Buttcrack!" Cheers, Bob :)

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Thanks! I love the Akros!

Here's one Susan posted. I believe the consensus opinion was Vacor on this.


That is the one which I think might give insight into how Vacors sometimes manage to resemble NLRs -- complete with seams -- but then when you look a little closer, something seems not quite right. Maybe some ribbons are actually hitting seams, but other ribbons which look like they're connecting turn back too soon. Sorta like on this one posted a while back:


Cool, I just noticed that Randy's has a real/false seam thing going on too. I'll have to remember this one for that Vacor study I want to do "someday". icon4.gif


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Guest FeelingMarbleous

lol, wow some people...

I own a several thousand Jabos, i think i know one when i see it...

Not a Jabo like i said....

post-279-1228500730_thumb.jpg post-279-1228500718_thumb.jpg


This marble is older than dirt lol

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Guest FeelingMarbleous

In no way am i offended :D it's hard to tell sometimes with one view...

Btw i have crap load of those Jaboliscous jabos you posted LOL

You know actually, i need to sort through all of them and see what i have,

i may have some nicer Jabo's, or at least some older runs...

maybe ill try and sell some....

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