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  1. Well said, Bob. My thoughts put into proper context.
  2. I lived in West Branch Michigan as a kid 65 years ago. I punched these marbles through a mouse hole to protect them from my brothers. When we moved away to Timbuktu, I had forgotten which mouse hole I had put them in. So you must send me my lost mibs! P.S. George Sourlis is experiencing difficulties with his legs again. He is scheduled for an MRI this morning, with possible back surgery ahead. Please pray for a good resolution to this problem. Thanks. Ron
  3. By the way, I collect senior moments which have turned into senior occasions!!! I had to add a room to store them all.LOL Had a good time at the Canton show. Tom Reed was there and liquidated his entire collection.There were some happy buyers. Bill Bass and Mike Coyle to name a few.
  4. Looks like hicks yew to me Beautiful,creative and original photos. Thanks Ron the tree man
  5. Handmades!

    On the big latticino-am I seeing a net within a net!!??
  6. Would someone be so kind as to post a detailed report of the auction? Thanks in advance. Ron
  7. Yes Randy, Of course I was just kidding. You are an awfully nice person yourself. But I with a collection like you have, I would think you have to be tempted to be a litttle proud of it. Are you coming to Canton?
  8. Hey Mister Randy, I called the marble police and they said under the new "redistribution of wealth guidelines" that the current admistration has established, that you have far exceeded their standards. So if you would like to avoid a huge fine, you must show up at the Canton show and get down off of your pedastal and associate on friendly terms with us mere mortals!!!!!!!
  9. Kokomo Marble Show

    Just got back from four games of chess with George. He is not the happiest about communication with the surgeon but he did find out it was his femur and not his hip that was broken. So that is more good news. Randy---- I will be packing for the show tommorow. Are you coming or not??? Ron
  10. Kokomo Marble Show

    George had 1 1/2 hour surgery this morning at 9:00 A.M. They inserted a pin and said it should heal nicely and that everything went well. I am planning to go visit him on Monday. Ron
  11. Kokomo Marble Show

    Hey Randy, Keep me posted on the possibility of you coming. They are not easy to tote around. Do you remember George Sourlis. He was in a wheel chair. He fell and broke his hip this morning. They aren't sure if they can operate tomorrow since he is on blood thinner. He needs our thoughts and prayers. Ron
  12. Kokomo Marble Show

    IIIFFFF 'The price is right". Make me an offer--who knows!!!
  13. Kokomo Marble Show

    Yes Randy, I'm referring to you. Last year at Kokomo--large single ribbon latticino!!! Remember me now? I hope you change your mind and show up. It would be nice to see you again.
  14. Hey KillerRandy, Are you coming to Kokomo? Your lurker friend, Ron