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  1. Marbleing in Indiana!

    Hello back, and thanks!
  2. Marbleing in Indiana!

    Hello, and thank you!
  3. Are these 5 Pelt or something else?

    Thank you everyone for your help and interesting tid-bits of info.
  4. Jabo, which runs?

    Hello, I had a little marble spillage accident.......these 2 are left. Anyone know what run they are from so I can get them back to their proper little slot in a tray?
  5. Are these 5 Pelt or something else?

    My photos are so much clearer on my iPhone, I don't get why they become so blurry when I save them to my documents and upload them from there. Bugs.
  6. Wondering what these 5 are. All have seams except the one at 9 o'clock.
  7. Color challenge thread

    polka-dotty...... next is carnelian and green.
  8. Marbleing in Indiana!

    thanks, hug back....can't wait to dig in.
  9. Hi. I have been absent from Marble Connection for well over a year but am glad to be back, to learn more from so many knowledgeable folks.....and Steph rocks!! Here is a photo of my favorites I have displayed.
  10. Great Lines!

    "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy." Tom Waits for sure, there could be others.
  11. Random Marble Generator

    I was just drawn to the dirt/marble plug photo like a magnet! How does one know where to go? How much does it cost? Website with info if you have one would be great.
  12. Here she is at a show in Bloomington, Indiana this summer with her lovely work.
  13. Here is another marble painting she did. Please see attachment.
  14. I will share that with her SirCray. She is so talented.