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  1. Veiligglas Wirepull's

    WOW !! What a great thread. Great pictures and information.
  2. Upcoming Marble Show Info.

    Bring your camera if you have a special interest in Peltier.
  3. I want to see....older Vacor

    Maybe the marbles in the box at the start of this post were produced by one of the other companies in Mexico or South America ? Whatever their names were and time frames they were in business. Good to know that there were good numbers of glass marble manufactures there. Maybe we will learn more about these unknown marbles which many label as foreign because we don't know who when or where they were made.
  4. Milky oxbloods?

    Correct Akro definitely made oxbloods and millions of Milky oxbloods. I have dug them at Akro. Alley made marbles with oxblood. I have also dug Alleys at Alley sites with oxblood. Both have been found in original packages. No big secrets with either company producing oxbloods. The information has been widely available for several years now. Some people like chewing on their own foot. Many could ask more before spreading false statements or information, that could affect many.
  5. I agree the high bid wins not matter when placed. The buyer may have had a bid of $500.00 on this box ? You never know what the buyers actual true bid was. Someone has to increase the bid for it to reach the maximum that someone has placed. I also have used a snipe for many long years and with no problems. It is nice when I cannot have use or time to be on the internet. Plus I do not have to worry about forgetting to bid. Plus I am not running the bid up early on. I don't get into the auction game of going over what I intended to pay for it. Also some ebay buyers watched for what I was bidding on. Then they would outbid me. If you know or keep track of certain peoples feedback numbers you can still know who is bidding. I received two emails in the last month where people mentioned they seen me bidding on something. I will sometimes place a start bid, not by my snipe. Some sellers cancel a listing if no bids in the first few days. I pay a yearly snipe fee with unlimited number of bids and the small cost is worth it for me. I have had trouble placing bids sometimes on ebay. My electric is off, my computer was down, ebay was doing maintence, etc. But my snipe has made it 99% of the time for many years. Just find what works best for you and you are going to lose sometimes. Many times there will be another one , maybe next week, next year or years. But if you search long and hard enough most can be found. There are a few only one but those are few.
  6. I want to see....older Vacor

    Interesting ! I have no evidence who or when. Who other than Vacor would have produced these in Mexico ? Or was a box filled by someone other than a company or at the factory ? There were four of these same boxes together. Maybe not 1930's but 1940's or 1950's ? Lots of changes happen over ten years or twenty years. My guess on the marbles alone not in any box. I would have guessed Champion. Craig knows boxes so the box must be the correct age. Did someone In Mexico buy Champion marbles and fill the boxes with them ? Kathy has also showed me older Vacors that she got right at the factory many years ago. Which were suppose to have been made by Vacor in the 40's-50's and they looked like definate Peltier and some were swirls. So was Vacor making these in those years or buying them from the US and maybe packaging them ? Lots of questions and opinions ????????
  7. The silver worked well. The gold did not show much. Bobby Newman did the silver in a couple runs. I think one of the marbles with silver was named Silver Fox. Boyce Lundstrum did the gold in the Peltier Mansion run. You won't see many if any of the one's with silver or gold for sale.
  8. I have doubt. Both look Alley to me. Many Alley's have been sold for years as CAC. The Alley Blue Lady, the Alley West Virginian, and lots of other Alleys were sold as CAC. The first Alley Blue Lady which I purchased was sold to me as CAC. Things change with more information and some people do not stay updated. Some people are just totally unwilling to change.
  9. I was involved and present for about 50 or 60 of the special investor runs at Jabo. We used man made aventurine glass. It was purchased as plate glass, some as glass rods and some as chunks by the pound. It was broken up into smaller pieces and added into the main tank in many different places. We bought it in several different colors, blue, green, red, black, brown, etc. The gold lutz is man made goldstone. We bought some of it ground some was in rods, but most chunks by the pound. Sometimes two different things or certain glass types and colors were combined to make oxblood. Sometimes goldstone was used to make oxblood. The heart or center of a large chunk of goldstone would usually make lutz. Lutz is a sparking gold usually a stripe or ribbon. The outer portions of the goldstone chunk was used to make oxblood and sometimes it would burn up or disappear completely. We tried mica several times and different ways without much success. Mica usually caused problems and dark ugly marbles. We also used 99 % pure silver, some in coin form. Some actual 14K gold was added. Aluminum and other soft lower melting metal were used for metallics. Some worked some did not. We added the colors(not aventurine)into the main tank with the base glass at different locations. Those colors came from lots of different sources of cullet, plate glass, man made colored rods, Fenton art glass, etc. . We used many different sources of cullet for clear. Some of the clear cullet were empty whiskey and other liquor bottles. I saw more than one dump truck dumped at Jabo to make clear in marbles. All the methods and materials used for the Jabo special investor runs could fill a large book. It was a great learning experience for many including first timers, even some who had 20 and 30 years experience in making marbles. We also had several contemporary marble makers help. Like them or not, some pretty marbles were made and many close friendships were made. Several who had hands in this are now gone but not forgotten. Marble history and many good times plus marbles.
  10. Indianapolis Show?

    Very nice to meet you ! Glad you had a good time. But I had no doubts about that. You are no longer a rookie, now on to the next show, and more good times.
  11. On Barnes and Noble - Its really a book

    Take a deep breath and relax. It is done. Congratulations !
  12. Indianapolis Show?

    In room trading buying and selling starts Thursday. I recommend to attend on Friday and late night. Saturday is show day. It will be in two separate rooms if as usual. If I could only attend 8 or 12 hours it would be Friday. Bring a good flashlight. Bring lots of cash, double what you think, someone told me triple LOL. There is a ATM there. There should be a list of marble people's room numbers at the front desk or in the main lobby. Visit every room and some twice. Something to put your finds in. Ask lots of questions, you will get answers. Warm clothes it will be below zero. Look me up, most people know me.
  13. Black? No... purple!!

    Looks like a machine made with roll marks. Many marbles which appear black are purple. If you backlight the black ones with a very strong light or slice it thin enough, it will be purple many more times than true black.
  14. Trying to get a hold of Ron Shepherd

    Check PM Brian. Thanks
  15. Oct.16,1930 Lawrence Alley and Bertha L. Alley purchased a building and formed a business In Sistersville WV as Lawrence Glass Novelty Company for marble production . Berry Pink joined them later during 1931. They had two marble machines designed by Alley. The machines produced 165 marbles per minute or 237,600 a day. The Rosenthal company had been doing business with Alley for some time. Berry Pink suggested to Rosenthal that he should buy the business. Late 1931 Lawrence Alley sold out to Morris Rosenthal. Berry Pink had been employed by The Rosenthal Company in 1922. In Jan. 1934 Berry Pink sued Morris Rosenthal and the Rosenthal Company of New York. The dispute was over 50% of the stock of Lawrence Glass Novelty. Berry Pink had become head of the company after Alley left. In Dec. 4, 1934 Berry Pink was tried in Tyler County WV (Sistersville)of stealing two marble packaging machines worth $250.00 from Lawrence Glass Novelty plant. He was found innocent. In 1931 Berry Pink was also affiliated with Peltier Glass selling their marbles in "Marble King" packages. Long time connections of Berry Pink with Lawrence Alley and Peltier Glass. So you will find Alley Peltier and Marble King marbles in bags and box sets marked Marble King from the MARBLE KING Berry Pink.