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  1. Need identification of Marbles please
  2. Thanks I think I was able to out 29 photos of some of the marbles I have. Somewhere on this site not sure where. Appreciate you help.
  3. I have a perfect cross threw cats eye. I have a pee wee one as well. I am so trying to shoe my photos. I just can't send any of them now. I don't get it
  4. I can not post pics again now. It says you can only have some amount of space. Anyhow I will try again. I just tried and it said I can only have so much mega bites .
  5. I have 15 different hybrid cats eyes. One is a odd yellow/green. And I purple cats eye that I read was never release to the public. But not sure how true that is. Here's pics.
  6. I have not taken pictures of the MF Christensen baby blue -5/8 marble yet. I know that it should have a faint 9 shape on it. I have not looked closely at the two I think may be it. For some reason I am having a hard time loading pictures to this site. It is becoming frustrating. I'll send some more this afternoon. Been sick with cold and it's keeping me down.
  7. K I don't have a pretty one like yours. But I have some old ones. I tried my damnest to upload pics f on my phone and I has a hard time. So I'll try to take and send as many as I can. It may take a day or so I have alot of marbles that I still have not learned about. Very very many different makers. Who left one company to join or start another. And mixes me right up in trying to catagorize the maker and name of marbles. Oh boy, it's been a learning of marbles, as I just want to sell them except the hybrid cats eyes. Although not so valuable. But beautiful in thick vein colors some times two colors.so I'll send what I can now but it's late not to many yet but I'll send some. And thanks for your reply.
  8. I have been searching for 3 weeks on what type of marbles I have , and it is very time consuming. I would like to sell my collection. I know I have some old marbles. Some worth clear pontil s. A few of MFChristensen. A lot of vitro agate. And many many more. Patches, rainbos , Bennington s. Various others. I believe I may have a MF baby blue -5/8 marble that is a collector item. Heck I really am just learning about marbles been collecting a year now. Ready to sell all of them. Anyone interested????
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