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    Marbles. Mostly machine-made. Recently started to collect catseye marbles.

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  1. All - I am searching for glass blowers in Texas that would like to do some specialty work for my new business in Houston, TX. I am opening a specialty store featuring fine oils, vinegars and spices from around the world. All of my product will be dispensed from casks and urns allowing the customers to taste the product before purchasing and also allowing them to select the size and type of glass bottle. I have a supplier of normal and specialty bottles but am looking for an artist to create unique higher end bottles that can be selected for special occasions (corporate gifts, burthdays, etc.). I want to develop a long-term partnership with a couple of artists in hopes of providing them with some regular business. Does anyone know of any Texas-based (must be based in Texas) glass artists or where I might find them? Thanks, Brian
  2. What's kinda cool about the Kid Mibs is that was done almost 8 years ago. My daughter, Bailie, will turn 16 in 2 weeks. She still has that marble! Brian
  3. Hello from Texas! My name is Brian Moorhead (brian5635/TexasMibs on the boards) and I have been collecting marbles for about 15 years. I used to participate on the marble boards quite regularly, however have not had the time over the last couple of years. I am in the process of selling (or auctioning) off my collection and thought I would try an electronic auction and giving the marble board members first shot. If this auction is successful, I will try to have regular auctions in the coming months. In addition, you may contact me with any interest in the remainder of my collection. Thanks for looking and good luck with the auction. Click the link below to view the auction items and instructions on how to bid. Link to Marble Auction Catalog
  4. Hi Roany Pony - Actually, my teenage daughter got a life and I am playing taxi driver.
  5. I have collected cats for several years and have thousands of cross-through's if anyone wants to purchase some (or all). I also have tons of Vitro hybrids as well. Let me know what kind of cat you want and I likely will have it. Brian
  6. David - How simple can it be? Don't visit MKA and read all the filth! Further, I really do not need your help in determining what is appropriate for my children. I can and do that for myself. Parents should monitor their childrens surfing habits --- and block any inappropriate sites. That's what I do. Let me also say that none of the recent MKA threads would have ever made it over here if it were not for you starting the threads. You and your "minions" obviously have an agenda. It's simple...don't visit the site! Respectfully, Brian
  7. Wow! IMHO, the quote (last sentence) above is where this thread took a left turn. A comment was made (or taken from the article) that Dave was mentioned as the best machine-made marble maker ever. That may be true in some peoples eyes, however it's ok for others to disagree respectfully. It's no different than someone saying that Joe Montana was the best QB ever and others saying it was Johnny Unitas or Joe Namath. Why can't marblers just have a healthy debate. It's ok to agree to disagree. For the record (and I have no skin in the game), I agree with Galen and the others. By the way, I like the new JABOS and think they are cool. However, they don't compare to the old Pelts, CAC's, MFC's and some Akros IMHO. Just saying...
  8. Definately not oxblood. Edna is correct -- that marble is called a "bullseye". I believe it is in the tri-lite family. B
  9. IMHO, it is a Vitro whitie. I have about 8 of them. B
  10. Here is a collection of different vane counts & colors...
  11. Wow! I have never seen that bag before. Can you post a pic of the other side as well? B
  12. Kid- You will need to find a photo host website and upload your pics to it first. Then, you can copy the URL into the Insert Image icon/box. I use photobucket as a host and it's free. www.photobucket.com B
  13. I believe that box is a jobber box. One that store keepers used to fill with different types of marbles. The box is not tied to a specific manufacturer. I believe it is older. B
  14. Al, My understanding and belief is that there are two kinds of 8-vane catseyes. The one you speak about is newer and has an oily surface glass and usually thinner vanes. The other has thicker vanes and does not have the oily surface glass. I believe that the latter is from the same time period as the 9-vanes & cross-throughs. Where is Pinx when you need her? B
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