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Marblearium First?

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hmmmm, i guess ebay wasnt kidden when they said they would end all auctions that had check or money order in their desriptions, first time i think i ever seen alans ebay site blank,, dang ill bet hes pissed,,, bj

MibAuctions would allow him to take checks, wouldn't it?

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In the message I got from ebay, auctions mentioning checks and money orders weren't supposed to be removed until 1/15....

Remove any references to checks and money orders from your listing descriptions. Starting January 15 these listings will be taken down.

it also said this.....

If you are shipping globally, add customs "disclaimer" text to your description to help protect your Feedback.

They don't mention how to protect your $$$ from the Paypal idiots who will return it to a foreign buyer whose hit up 6 different sellers in the same freakin' week, though....

I wonder if Richard Branson (Virgin) would ever run up against ebay?? That would be cool!!!


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