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Virtual Marble Show


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Over the past 10 years or so we have seen many changes in our hobby.

Ebay alone has made a HUGE change in how we collect marbles.

At least now we have “MIBBAY” to help offset some of the associated fee’s with selling on ebay.

A lot of folks have come into our hobby and left impressions.

Some have brought new marketing idea’s into our hobby.

A few folks actually buy & sell marbles as their prime source of income these days.

Yes, our hobby has become THAT lucrative.

Sadly, a lot of our friends have also passed on and we sure miss them.

I noticed more and more of our marble collecting friends not attending shows any more, largely due to monies needed for traveling expenses. Motel room, air fare, rental cars. All of that added up to the point that you had to give away a good marble every day just to pay for the opportunity to sell or trade marbles for your collection with others.

Today, I am announcing yet another change in our hobby.

The Marble Mall. A VIRTUAL marble show

A “virtual” marble show that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, VIRTUALLY any time of day (for a set 3 day period) you can sell, trade and buy marbles from your desk, work bench, kitchen, garden, porch or yes, even your bathroom.

So what exactly is a “virtual show” ?

A link to the MARBLE MALL will be posted and when you click on it, your screen will change to show you in a lobby about to walk into a large hall with lots of booths inside the hall. You will use your arrow keys on your keyboard to “walk step by step” towards whatever booth you want to go to.

You will also notice a section of your screen show lines of text messages scrolling along as everyone who is connected to the marble mall types in messages. A continuous chat room if you will. You can type a massage into the chat room at ANY time just by clicking in the text box and typing away. Your message will be available to be seen by everyone who is connected at that time.

As you walk up to an individual booth, you can click on that dealer’s name and chat with them JUST one on one and no one else can see what your typing so you can buy, sell or trade with no one else knowing what or how much is involved.

As you finish your browsing with that dealer, use your arrow keys and walk over to any other dealer in the MARBLE MALL . Same as you would walk to another dealer’s table at a marble show. Same room, just a few click of the heel’s (or keyboard key’s) away.

No hotel’s or motel’s. No airlines. No rental cars. No time off work to get to a show and then back home in time to go back to work. No having to argue over where to go to eat because your at your home. Eat what you want, WHEN you want. You can even wear your PJ’s or “jammies” or parade around in your birthday suit. It’ll be just fine. There are NO camera’s. (Thank GOD) LOL!!!

If you want to take a break and go take care of some business, hang a sign on your booth that says you will be back and approx; when. Take off. Get a nap, do the laundry, eat supper, take out the trash or a dog for a walk, go to bed. When you get back, you can go right back to where you left off.

Chat REAL TIME with every person who is registered and who has entered the virtual hall. Too many to talk to all at once? Then chat “1 on 1” with whomever YOU want to chat with.

Chat “1 on 1” with ANYONE who steps into your virtual booth, anytime.

The 1st showing of the Marble Mall will be:

April 9, 10, & 11 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Dealer’s will have about 25 days to prep their booth and how it appears to others online prior to the actual show days.

During that time you may upload your pictures, details, etc. You will be responsible to verify all info is correct and pictures are as you want them. I can help you with this, but I’m no mind reader.

I will need a picture of each dealer so I can post it on an easel, with your name, internet name and ebay name so folks will know with whom they are dealing as they step into YOUR virtual booth

There will be NO CHARGE for buyer’s

to enter, browse and buy or trade in the virtual hall with ANY dealer.

Real time chat with everyone in the convention hall,

Real time “one on one” chat with any individual dealer.

Buyer’s MUST log in with email and mailing address before being given an entry code.

The mailing addy is for dealer’s use ONLY and you will NEVER be mailed any info for the virtual show.

ALL info will be sent via email unless your email acct kicks back your email addy.

Then and only then will your mailing address be sent a paper copy of the info for the next virtual marble show. One time only.

Since you will need to re-register each show, you can update your mailing addy @ that time.

DEALER COSTS ?........................

here it comes--------------------->

ONLY $20 total !!! (per 3 day event)

No sales tax.

No seller’s fee’s.

No hidden costs.

No buyer’s fee’s.

No listing fee’s.

NO other costs.

Just 20 bucks !

Seriously, the TOTAL costs to any one dealer is a one time charge of ONLY $20 per each 3 day event

For more indepth dealer information, please email me via the email addy below:

[email protected]

Thanks, Bo

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Scott, I got your email. All 3 of them that you sent in about 3 hours.

and the private message you sent through the board. LOL!!!

Dude, you've got to chill out. hahah

A little patience. I really do have other stuff to do other than read emails and the boards. :D

I see you got my reply.

You ok now? hahaha

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