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Joe Hogue Box


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Joe Hogue made some beautiful boxes for the 2008 JABO Experimentals. Each of the special runs has its name laser engraved on the top. The box has 12 rows which hold 4 marbles each.


Close up of the names of the runs


I wiggled. It's not the laser engraving that blurred.


The first row is Joker 1. I left one spot for a Dark Knight. Then Madyia in the 2nd row. The third row is Joker oxblood. The 4th row is Peltier Mansion. The 5th row is Aces. The 6th row is Tributes.


Row 7 is Marleys. Row 8 is awaiting Joker Fall Harvest. Row 9 is awaiting Jinks. Row 10 is Eagles. Row 11 and 12 are Tributes Last Dance.

Thanks Joe, for making the beautiful boxes. Edna

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I often wondered about how to make boxes like this, it's just georgeous! I wonder if one of these computer controlled craftsman would work to make box tops like this. Here's a link if anyone wants to check it out.


It looks like you could really make some neat stuff with this piece of gear. Does anyone know, unless it's a trade secret, what method Joe Hogue used to make these beautiful boxes? I just love the look!

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