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A Different Side Of Larry Castle...


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Larry was an amazing talent... Whether it was working with his hands, his pen, or his voice!!

Here's some sterling jewelry he made... Has anyone got any other pieces???

Sulphide Horse pendant, made for Bev Brule....


Akro Agate Life saver pendant....


John Dustin's blue Lutz ring...


Larry's silver signature...


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Sue great art pieces, I admire those who can work with jewelry.I wouldn't have put my art fart on if I had seen your thread first, mine could have waited. Larry made great contributions to the Arts,I can only wish I had some of his work,regards Bo

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Hi Steve... I know what you mean about Larry going too quickly.... We'd only met a few times in person... We had a sporatic communication here and there... But, I always felt a bond to him...

Whenever I think of him, James Taylor's refrain, "But, I always thought I'd see you one more time again" goes through my mind...

I'm really sorry, but all three of these have a personal connection to someone.

I was actually hoping to maybe find some others available... If I do, I'll let you know.

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Bo, when I responded to Steve, I hadn't seen the "Art Fart Thread" (LOL) And wondered what the heck you were talking about!!!

I'm glad you DID post it!!! Between that and Gary's board post and.... maybe.... Bob's "found design" thread, we're taking a nice turn of attention... Thank you!!!!

Bob's tried to explain the design thing. And, I'm still working on figuring it out....

It could just be that either I need to drink more of what's in that glass, or he needs to drink less.....

I'm going to experiment, later and we'll see how that turns out!!! ROFL :Happy_143:

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