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New Philly Show Photos


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Before I launch into the photos I would like to thank Smitty for being a great host for the show. The hotel was booked solid and there were plenty of people engaged in room-hopping. It was great to see old friends and get a chance to sit and talk.

Now - on to the photos!

Brett Young - Hot House Marbles (left) and Kris Parke (right):











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Alan....Great pics!!! I feel like I was there! Oh, wait...I WAS!!! :lol:

It was great to meet you - I really enjoyed talking with you.

And thanks for posting such great photos of the boxes. If anyone is interested in them, please let me know. In addition to the boxes, I have the board with the pink banded opaques and the marbles in the photo immediately before and the three photos after the opaques.

and thank you Smitty for putting on a great show!

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