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Cairo Novelty . . .


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I recall some recent rumblings about somebody wanting to see/show some Cairo Novelty marbles - it seems I recall Edna or somebody saying something about it. Although, it may have just been wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, I would really like to see some examples of Cairo marbles. I know they're out there, so if you have them, please show them! I'll start with one of my favorites. -Ric


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Sorry you're having photo troubles, Edna. But I'm patient a person, and I'll be looking forward to seeing a few of your Cairo marbles when things get worked out. Thanks for trying though! -Ric

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Here are some Scarlet Orgasms Backacres posted some years ago.





This bag was posted at LOM. Sorry, I didn't record whose it is. The blue and yellow ones at least were thought to be Cairo. Maybe all were?





Here's one of mine where I think I finally cajoled most people into a Cairo Novelty i.d. (lol) ;)



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