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VT I am not an expert in this field but I was just looking at a group of citrus type yesterday offered by a reputable dealer,there are five in all.He had a complete set of five and the clear KM was one.I am going back to see him again today and I will ask him about them,he is very knowlegable.Once again I am a collector,not and expert.I too was suprised to see that type in the Citrus catagory.I will try to get some pics.Bo

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Well I went back down there and I thought for the sake of this conversation i ought to just get them all.The seller was morte than happy to explain his under standing of the Citru catagory.He nexplained that these were made in the late 30's,just prior to WWll.At that time certain ingredients that were needed to make the normal vibrant colors were not available,they were neede for the war effort.The colors were thought to be anemic so not many were made? sold mostly used for promotional purposes.I don't have any figures on how many were made.

From left to right Citrus Ketchup And mustard.Second Citrus oddball.Third Citrus Christmastree.Fourth Citrus Patriot.Fifth Citrus Rebel.

As I said I am no expert ,I am only passing on info I have gathered from fellow marbler.Bo



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Right ... there have been additions to the basic set of five. Summary of the types I've seen names for:

  1. the one known simply as "Citrus", where the green is transparent
  2. a variant of #1 where the green is opaque, also called "Citrus" I think
  3. the Liberty aka Patriot
  4. the Lemon-Plum aka Rebel, if i understand correctly
  5. the Christmas Tree
  6. the Ketchup and Mustard (w/ mayo) (which Sami questioned as possibly not belonging to the group)
  7. the Blueberry

Is the Citrus Angel a different type?

Some of the names in that list are from Mr. Dorkmo's classic pic:

(click to enlarge)


There are 7 mibs here in Mr. Dorkmo's updated pic. Is the bottom left a different type from the far right? a hybrid? does it have a name?

(click to enlarge)


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