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Just For Fun -- Lard!


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Didja know kids back in the day used lard to restore their mibs? Soak your alley taws in lard and the moons disappear.

Read one account where lard was used as a preventative measure also. Soak your new taw overnight and supposedly it's less likely to be damaged in the game the next day.

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No kiddin? lol That's some awesome tid bit's of info. I read on here someone that had used industrial clear floor polish to get a mib looking better. I tried just some over the counter mop and glow or some generic one like it, on the huge latticino core mib that I tried to restore. It turned out spectacular. Now it sit's in my display case and shine's like a gem. It definately made it more clear and you can see a lot more of the tiny bubbles inside. I am totally sold on using it in the future for mibs like that, which will not be handled much. Like on the kid's movie Toy Story, "It's for display only!" lol Heres a pic of what it looked like before I started.


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Still waiting for the after shot, Gary!

I was hoping to find some story -- some proto-urban legend -- about kids soaking mibs in lard to make them look nicer for their trades. haven't found it ... yet. do I have too little faith in humanity? :Evil_1: :icon_lmao:

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Hi Ruth. I haven't seen Gary around in awhile.

I'm GUESSING that he wouldn't need to buff away any glass first. That could be naive of me. But it seems as if might be kinda like wetting down a dull rock to see what it could look like polished.

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Hello everyone and sorry I have been so busy! :) But it's really a good thing to be able to get up and around. The mib started out nearly two and a half inches in diameter, if I remember correctly. You can see the poles opened up on the ends because I had to remove so much glass, but for a first time polish job I think it turned out great. I believe it's just a tad under two inches now, so I removed a lot of damaged fractured glass. There was only one spot on this mib where you could see the ribbons. The rest was clouded with damage.

This was actually found in the basement of my brother-in-laws old farm house, by my nephew. He thought it was an old rubber ball that had gotten old and hard, so he was bouncing it off the cement floor in the basement.... geeze! This spring I returned the marble to it's family and they have it on a shelf at the old farm along with a bunch of toys and trinkets they found in the walls while remodeling! They think all the stuff they found in the walls came from a pack rat, and there was a lot of stuff! Old pins, single earings, a watch and even half of a really old cap gun! All of the things were in piles of old news print and paper shreds, which is why they believe it was from a mouse. Neat story, and they just loved the work I did on this beauty.

After I ground it down to a fracture free surface, I polished it and polished it some more. After I got it down as good as I could get it with what I was using, I tried the mop and glow and was amazed at the results. Neat stuff, as long as it isn't going to be handled very much. :) Hope that clears things up. Any questions please feel free to pm me as I don't get on here as much as I would like. God bless you all.


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