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Let's See.....

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Boxing your own marbles is visceral. David Chamberlain

I actually thought it was just a kewl idea..... :blink:

4. characterized by or proceeding from instinct rather than intellect: a visceral reaction.

5. characterized by or dealing with coarse or base emotions; earthy; crude: a visceral literary style.



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Your Blackies are most excellant, I don't have that many...

And what can be said about your Pelt box??? Ummmm, WOW!!


I need to finish the blackies - and complete the rows of each color ---- as for the Pelts - that box has my Rootbeer float which are HTF - but its missing my most rare of all - my Peltier Peerless Pearlized Patch ---- I keep that one on special display in my cabinet.

I don't have a photo of it - but I have only seen 2 or three sold from Marble Alan over the last 10 years - they are VHTF.

There was a dug version on the bay the other day but it was all beat up.

I have more boxes - but where are everyone elses?

I wanna see I wanna see!

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