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Sorting Pleasures

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I love a disordered, messy jumble of found marbles - they scream out for sorting! There's a therapeutic flow that floods ones mind with a singularity of purpose and the anticipation of recognition, categorization, subsets, variations

(Families?), etc

.....and finally success in identification even with the 'exceptions' recognizing them as such; knowing that a future

sort will reign them in.

There's almost a sinful pleasure in the reordering in a later sort. Like falling in love all over again. Seeing in a new way what was always right in front of us and knowing that we only partially see the infinite possibilities as our marbles

only tease us, presenting something desirable to the view but continually keeping it out of reach.

So we try again and again to make sense out of that which is beyond our ken. David Chamberlain

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Pardon the giggle at Marble Mental.

I do love rediscovering a cache of marbles and realizing how many "new" marbles I have. How many mysteries are solved. How many mysteries aren't yet, but now have brothers in the fight.

When the sorting session winds down and I sort of wake up to find five hours have elapsed and the sun has gone down, that can be disconcerting but I love it.

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