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Ot/ The Hunley For History Fans

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The Hunley is in our little town for three days. Here's the Wiki info:

Hunley was a submarine of the Confederate States of America that demonstrated both the advantages and the dangers of undersea warfare. The Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy warship, although the submarine was also lost following the successful attack. The Confederates lost 32 men in Hunley's career. The submarine was renamed after the death of her inventor, Horace Lawson Hunley, and some time after she had been taken into the Confederate forces at Charleston, South Carolina.

H. L. Hunley, almost 40 feet (12 meters) long, was built at Mobile, Alabama, launched in July 1863, and shipped by rail to Charleston, South Carolina on August 12, 1863. On February 17, 1864, Hunley attacked and sank the 1240-short ton (1124 metric tons)[1] screw sloop USS Housatonic in Charleston harbor, but soon after, Hunley also apparently sank, drowning all eight crewmen. Over 136 years later, on August 8, 2000, the wreck was recovered, and on April 17, 2004, the DNA-identified remains of the eight Hunley crewmen were interred in Charleston's Magnolia Cemetery with full military honors.

Here's some shots I took today. Notice the spar on the front and how long it was. Close quarters for the eight men. Powered by the men turning a hand crank. No one really knows what caused it to sink.









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And thanks to Clive Cussler for caring enough to initially look for these sunken ships and make them availablle for all of us to be able to see again. While this guy doesn't get his credit on many thimngs he "privately" finances expeditions to discover these shipwrecks and then leaves them for governments to do a proper archaeological survey.


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