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Glass Addiction 5th Annual Alphabet Letter Contest!!

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The 2009 Glass Addiction Alphabet Letter Marble Contest Gallery has been opened!!!

Glass addiction is a contemporary marble board created by Brian Bowden. Many of the "Usual suspects" there are glass artists.... About 5 years ago, someone posted a link to an art gallery contest that had a topic theme (It may have been the alphabet, I don't remember...)

We decided to run a contemporary marble contest using the alphabet as a theme... It was a great success and we've done it for 5 years now...

Here's the deal......

Sometime around March, someone on the board says, "Hey, isn't it about time for artists to start working on the Alphabet Contest??" .... And then, a date is set for the entries to be in (May 15th)

A thread is started for letter selection and artists select the letter(s) they wish to represent... It's OK to have more than one entry for each letter and it's OK for an artist to cover more than one letter. The goal is to cover them all (We always have!!)

We have refined the voting process to a combination of a judges panel and a general public vote...

We really enjoy having visitors to the board check out the gallery and vote for their favorites!!!

SOOOOO, please check out the link for instructions and VOTE!!!!! :Cool_653:

Contest Info and Rules

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