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Bumping. Hoping Sue will see if Jeroen doesn't.

I've heard them called Chinese more often than German but I couldn't cite a source. I THINK it is typical of other non-marble Chinese glass - that's what I think I've HEARD - but again no specific source.

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One more pic, which I like because it shows at least three pieces of pink and white striped frit. I recognize that frit from marbles I've held in my hand and presented for discussion in the past.


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^_^ lol.

It doesn't show well in this scan, but both of these marbles have the striped frit that the big confetti from the auction has.

2009_02_19_DugConfettiEtc_a-1.jpg . . . . . pg3_7-1.jpg

These marbles were dug in a Shanghai dump. I know there was dispute about the origin of the more slaglike marbles which were dug with them but I don't recall argument about the frit mibs. Maybe I'm only remembering the parts I liked from the discussion. LOL

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