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Peltier Dragonfly

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P.s., I'm with Edna. I thought Dragonfly was an MK name. :unsure:

update: I see that there's an NLR Sami calls a dragonfly. He said it has a blue base and green ribbons. The marble in the auction is still a rainbo, and thus wouldn't be a dragonfly by that definition.

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as has been stated before ... sometimes i'm %%%%% backwards on things :o .. but, thru chuck g. and, i believe guy, this is what i was informed is a pelt. dragonfly ... blue on green .... not saying it .. is ... but what i am lead to believe. any updating is welcome. bill


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Here is the only one I have seen to back up my statement. It is a bifurcated example but I can only imagine Peltier produced true NLR Dragonflys like this. Glass doesn't seem compatible so the production may be short. Pictures are courtesy of Craig Snyder. Thank Craig!





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