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Killer Alleys

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Lets see em!!

I would love to see some of the Killer Alleys in some of the collections that belong to some of the folks here on this board, ill start it off with a nice flame that looks like it could be a nice example of one of the flames in the Salesman Sample Box. I seriously can't get enough of these...






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Sweet, i love Alleys to Bill, glad to see some people joining in nice mibs every one, and m!b$ :o Awesome Alleys, that's a little close to AA HAHA Alley Anonymous :cool-smileys-262:

Bill, that last one looks has so many tips, How do you even pick that sucker up ? i guess you gotta wear gloves :D

Griff i know you got some real doozy's i cant wait to see them !!

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I am going to commit a major marble career about-face! Ever since I've specifically referred to Christensen flames as 'Flames' which they truly deserve and all other wannabe flames as 'flame-like.' Well, Alley Agate Co. flames deserve the full-blown attribution of being bonifide Flames as well. Alley Agate Co. has truly come into its own. David

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I agree David, it was rather the Transparent flames that where more "flame like" to me, when you get some of the Opaque looking Alleys, they rival the best of CAC, i think Andrea has a few sweet Alley flames that look like they belong in the Salesman Sample Case as well..

The more tips the better, and the more opaque the better for me, but some of the Transparent based ones or even Translucent ones are just out of this world, like Bill's up there, JEES-US !!

Alox also made some pretty cool flamey mibs (not 100% sure they actually was made by the Alox company), but i would like to keep this about Killer Alleys, so heres another one of my fav's :D





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Here is a couple of ugly ones.

pst,,,,one of them was a recent $5 find.No,you dont win it if you guess which one!!!

Side A


I kind of like side "B",better,,


Left side,,


Right side,,




Not sure if Im looking for green or black on this one,,,,



Looks cool,this way,,


This one is above and beyond in hand,,,,,,sleeper,until you put the light on it,



Might through this one in the garden.I think its a little over sized,must be a reject,,,,,,,,,,,




Not sure how this one got in here,,,I think it was a glitch,or something---LOL


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