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Went To The Auction Today

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And bought some mibs hehe, i just couldn't resist at the price i got them at, there was 3 jars with "Choice" of and i took them all, most are mint some are NM but still a darn good deal..

Some Akro Patches ? these all came in one jar..


These all came in one jar, looks like a few nice mibs in there :)


And then these in the other jar.


Looks like it's back to Marbling for me :D

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Thanks guys, and David all im going to say is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, i kind of like not having any competition in the Machine Mades, mostly it's due to lack of knowledge, i asked a guy yesterday who bought a Jabo for 76$ if he collected old marbles, he said yes but only hand mades, so i am assuming he thinks the Jabo was a Hand Made, the little baggy it was in, even said, Jabo with Aventurine & Oxblood, only thing it was lacking was the Oxblood..

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Wow!! I just went to an auction recently and was surprised to find a jar of marbles up on the block, won it, but nothing even close to what you have there, mostly Vitro. Great score!! I'm having fun just looking through your pictures :) -Jess

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Sure is Felicia, i believe it's a Vitro...

And thanks Jess hehe, ive hit a couple nice licks at the auctions since ive started (which wasn't long ago) it's kind of rare really to find them in the quality, quantity, and variety like Felicia said, my first couple scores though WOWZERSS!! i remember thsoe days like it was yesterday..

"Breaks to dreamy Like Thoughts"

This was my first score ever, there was thousands more in this batch but man o man this was my first box of real vintage marbles,i purchased this box for 280$ and thought i was nuts for doing it, i barely knew what a Akro and Vitro was let alone some of the really rare stuff that was in this batch, i tried my best to sort them of which ones i really liked and thinking i had them sorted roughly by company LOL. Back then i had CAC disease LMAO!!






Needless to say i sold 3 marbles out of that batch for 220$ and got darn near all my money back and got to keep what i liked, all in all it was great just for the learning part, nothing like having old mibs in hand to study and learn, pics in books just don't compare..

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