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Cool Single Vane Cat

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I think it's 3 vanes. flattened with a steamroller. a tiny little glass elf inside driving around on his tiny little steamroller (without the steam because that probably wouldn't work out too well in hot glass) and flattening it. Maybe sprinkling a little extra magic dust into the blue vane to turn it into a purply hybrid.

or could it be a flattened six vaner?

weerd. i love it!

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I see it as an Asian 3 vane that has been "crunched"...the vane colors seem tome to yellow with a soft orange stripe, orange and blue bleeding into a lavendar...very pretty

thanks everyone, was hoping it would fall into the 1 vane/multi color, i feel it did.whhhhhhhhhhho hoooooooooooo steph, that was the greatest review of a marble i have ever seen (or ever will). it was fantastic.

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