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Lucky 7 ?

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The marble is pictured on page 132 of Marble Mania. My note on that marble is dated 6-23-08 from Patry Denton. She told me it is Vitro not MK and it was so named by Cathy Runion at a marble show where Patry and Cathy were roommates. Edna, 'cuz they are Vitro has "a few" of them I think. They are very pretty.

Yes it is called a Lucky 7 and I have seen Marble Alan sell them as such.

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i think the mk version is called 7-up...vitro is lucky -7 its hard to tell em apart...unless you got both of em in hand....im thinkin mk made em at st marys...im a little foggy on this info but i think thats purty close....the only distinction is the cutlines and one of the colors but i cant remember which one????its hard to tell em apart....

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Ms.Edna, Do I have these labeled correctly?

I'm pretty sure about the Vitro's that match your's

and the MK and Akro.

I am not sure at all about the other 3

Got any help?

Maybe Ron can Id them when he see's the color's

Thanks, Bo





Really had to play with the lighting and colors to get these to show correctly

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Duffy, there are no fractures in either of the ones I have labeled MK's.

So you think they are Vitro's and not MK's?

The picture with 3 marbles of the 2 MK's and the Akro.... The one in the middle could very well be Vitro.

It has that orange that Patry's has and the orange on the other one is NOT down the middle of the yellow.

It might be a Vitro sure enough. Base glass is moonie.

(not the 1st time i've been wrong hahah, especially with these patches)

The Vitro's (in my picture's) are on a moonie base glass.

The MK is on a white base glass

and the Akro is on a "popeye wispy white" base glass.

But that Akro, (what i'm calling an Akro)has TRANSPARENT red, green and peach.

None of the other patches in my pictures have a transparent color glass on them anywhere.

The whoseit's appear to be the same base glass as the Vitro's to me.

You know these critter's a lot better than I do.

I'm a Master kind of guy, but I have been know to have a few Akro's in my boxes LOL!!!

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bo...the ones i was talkin about was the ones from st marys...they look alot like the vitro ones edna showed...the paden city ones are a thing of their own...i went down in the garage but couldnt find the box i was lookin for with that st marys stuff in it but i will....

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