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Lemonade Patch?


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Thanks, I'm pretty sure they're Akro, and that the one on the left is a LemonAde. The question is really more about the patch on the right, which shares all the characteristics of the lemonade, except the pattern. Does anyone else have examples of Ade-based patches? Thanks again.

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akro's fluorescent ades were their early moss swirls. start out as a cork, but at one pole swirls off. they are really not a corkscrew. the next ades made were the patches. :D

but they also made fluorescent corks, true corks. confusing huh? lol

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This 1st pic is a little fuzzy but it looks like some of the patches in this first box have both yellow and white on an ade base. Sue brightened the 2nd box. I remember Brian asked about whether those were more corks or more swirls. I need to look up the answer again.



(additional images, click to enlarge)

th_MVC-018S.jpg . . th_MVC-019S.jpg . . th_MVC-020S.jpg . . th_MVC-021S.jpg

(Hi Ric, I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting for me to post these pix which you've probably already seen anyway. lol.)

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