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AWESOME JO!!!! I'll watch for you!!

Alan, whack me on the side of the head or something!!!! We've been at so many shows together, but I'm not sure if we've ever connected... I get pretty distracted and ditzy (more than usual) around so many people I only get to see once, or twice a year...

Dave, you too!! Be sure to sign in on the list at the desk in the lobby...

I'll be in on Friday, working the auction on Saturday and staying for Sunday. I don't open my room (I don't sell) so I'll be wandering...

Usually, either Bert, Kris & Amy Parke, Mike & Rachel Gallant, Nadine MacDonald or Richard Clark have an idea of where I am!!! LOL

I'm really looking forward to finally meeting Pat Sellers!!

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The current 2009 National Marbles Champion Whitney Lapic and her mother (me) Debra Stanley-Lapic, the 1973 National Marbles Champion will be at the show to demonstrate the game of Ringer. Please stop by and meet us and get some marble shooting tips!! We'd love to meet everyone from the board. I'm not sure where we will be set up with our marbles rings but we'll be meeting, greeting and demonstrating on Saturday and Sunday !!

Hope to see you all,

Debra and Whitney

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The NE Marble Show was great! It was so nice to see old friends and make new ones, I could not begin to name names in fear I would leave someone out. Room trading was brisk fri eve. and sat. after the auction. Bert and Rosalie out did themselves with the luncheon on Sat, It was excellent. Such a nice generous jesture to the people of the marble community. The auction was well attended. The Show itself was active with alot of quality marbles changing hands.

I had a fantastic time and lookforward to going back again next year.

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