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Back To The Mibs! Opinions Needed Please

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So I saw a few of these at the Columbus show being sold for alot more than I thought they were worth and I told the fellow selling them that I had six and he says they are very rare (run on sentence)But......there were mixed reviews as to exactly what they were. Anyone know for sure? Colors of baby blue, rust red, brown and white on a clear base with two seams all 5/8" I think they might be a certain type of akro sparkler, but that baby blue sure looks vitro to me or maybe even master? AHHHHHHH help appreciated as always.





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Are you in a hurry to get an ID?

To me the comments I've read mean, "keep it in the mystery bin, wait for more information to be revealed." More interesting that way, anyway (imho). It's the search right? ;-)

Ric's Akro for example looks better formed in some ways. The textured seams on yours keep me guessing/hoping. There are color similarities between Akros, Alleys and Vitros. I just wouldn't want to chuck it in yet and settle on anything. B)

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